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Turning Point Ingenuity Services provides high quality, web design services that enable small businesses to establish online visibility, increase sales, and improve productivity. Whether you are just starting out and need an affordable package solution or are looking for something more custom, our flexible structure provides you with choice.

Is your website powered by a CMS?

Mon, 10/02/2017 - 1:28am -- Reggie

Websites have had a memorable journey over the last couple of decades. Just have a look at the world's first website and you will know the progress we have made. The first websites were made in HTML. CSS and Flash then made an appearance, changing the way websites look. But the last couple of years have witnessed a new kind of breakthrough – Content Management Systems (CMS). 

Stand Out Above the Rest

As a business owner, executive or not-for-profit administrator, you’ve probably had to go through the process of finding someone to design and develop a website for you. Hiring someone to design, develop, copywrite, and host your site can be a daunting, expensive and fruastrating endeavor.

If you already own a website and have for a very long time, chances are it's in need of a major face-lift.  Equipped with the right strategies, your new website will cost you less and provide much needed functionalities and social interations that your long standing website just can't do.

STOP kicking your money out da door!!!

We specialize in making your web-site business processes function in the most efficient, effective and cost-wise way possible. So, if you have an established website built with some proprietary CMS with a decent amount of articles / pages, different categories and user comments. My team will perform a complete migration from this money-sucking old-fashioned proprietary CMS to a modern shiny open-source system. Your cost savings will be surprising. And, by the way, we won't build a project if we can't guarantee a cost savings.

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