Turning Point Ingenuity Services

'Giving the Little Guy, Big Guy Results'


Size Matters Not

Turning Point Ingenuity Services provides high quality, web design services that enable small businesses to establish online visibility, increase sales, and improve productivity. Whether you are just starting out and need an affordable package solution or are looking for something more custom, our flexible structure provides you with choice.


Thinking of new ways to do things is a crucial part of who we are.  We are never content with doing something the conventional way if a better way is possible. 

Increase Website Traffic and Social Media Interactions

We build websites designed for the needs of progressive businesses, churches, non-profits and other ventures who are looking to drive real returns from the web. If you need more traffic, social media interactions, or visitor engagement to drive leads and revenue, Bpm-ingenuity is for you. We deliver a complete web presence solution for small to midsized organizations and with its advanced Drupal backbone can scale into the largest, most complex enterprise deployments.

Advanced Website Construction

BPM-Ingenuity advanced website construction gives you everything you need to get your next generation website off the ground quickly. All of our websites are created with Search Engine Optimization and Marketing built in and uses a powerful module system to easily enhance the functionality of the site. BPM-Ingenuity puts you in charge of your own website, giving you the tools you need to update content, delegate responsibility, engage your customers and ultimately grow your organization.

Need a Web Application?

Though you may not be paying for a service monetarily, you may be paying for it with your time and sanity.  With the right web application, customized to your needs and your budget, you can regain your sanity and say good bye to that paper pile. 

STOP kicking your money out da door!!!

We specialize in making your web-site business processes function in the most efficient, effective and cost-wise way possible. So, if you have an established website built with some proprietary CMS with a decent amount of articles / pages, different categories and user comments. My team will perform a complete migration from this money-sucking old-fashioned proprietary CMS to a modern shiny open-source system. Your cost savings will be surprising. And, by the way, we won't build a project if we can't guarantee a cost savings.

Features and Offerings

Easily extend your website with features and functionality like message boards, photo galleries, audio and video managment, date and calendar, location, rating systems, ecomerce, membership management and the list goes on and on and on and on. 

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