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Features and Offerings

Easily extend your website with features and functionality like message boards, photo galleries, audio and video managment, date and calendar, location, rating systems, ecomerce, membership management and the list goes on and on and on and on. 

  • Easy Content Creation:  creating a page on your web is easier than creating a wordprocessing document.  Just click the 'add content' link and begin adding content to your website.   If you already have content in a wordprocessor, i.e. MS Word, or other computer format, you can copy and paste directly into your website.
  • Automatic Categories:  With a click of a button, content you add to your website is automatically categorized and organized for easy retrieval and display.
  • Private Content: We offer exclusive content features.  This means that you can decide to restrict access to individual content on a per user or subscription fee basis.
  • Rich Text Editor Easily add and change text, links and images on your website. The powerful Rich Text Editor includes versioning controls.  This allows you to quickly revert to a previous version of a page without having to re-enter the content.
  • Online Calendars: Publish upcoming events keeping your website fresh and up-to-date. Users can view your upcoming events by monthly calendar, weekly view or list view. Users can register for your events and you can track them, if you enable the particular event’s register option.
  • Image and Content Slideshows allows you to make the most of the limited space on your website page by displaying a rotation of relevant images or content.
  • Photo Gallery You can build and publish your photo galleries anywhere on your website. You can organize your photos into Photo Albums.
  • News Module Keep your users up-to-date by publishing content on your web with the news module. You can automatically archive news articles by date and leave them available online. You can automatically import your News items to Facebook using its RSS capabilities. Users can easily share your news modules with the social networking feature.
  • Online Forms Builder: Convert all of your business or organization forms to interactive online forms.  Data collecte form the online forms are stored in a database repository for easy retrieval and analysis.  With the easy-to-use powerful form builder module you can build web forms, surveys and gather donation information from the users.
  • Dynamic Staff Listings:  You can post staff or employee information on your website in a professional polished look.  You can include include relevant information, including staff photos and  bio.
  • Employment Postings:  post employment or volunteer opportunities on your website. You can set the post date that the job position will automatically start displaying on your website. You can set the expiration date so that the posting will automatically be hidden from users after that date.  At your discretion you can securely accept employment or volunteer applications directly from your website.
  • Video and Video Galleries:  You can create a gallery of videos and display and play videos directly from your website.
  • File Document Module enables you to allow your website visitors or specific website visitors to upload documents to you directly from your website.
  • Social Networking Allows your users to easily share pages, photos and news information on your website with popular social networks like Facebook.
  • Built in Search Engine Metrics Auto generated Sitemap file and built in Meta tag options make search engine optimization a snap.
  • Complete Customization: Your website look, feel and functionality will be fully customized to your desire and expectations.
  • Plus more....

BPM-Ingenuity is committed to providing solutions to help you save time, save $$$,  and give you an awesome web presence.  Wait no longer, Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.