Turning Point Ingenuity Services

'Giving the Little Guy, Big Guy Results'

Size Matters Not

Turning Point Ingenuity Services provides high quality, web design services that enable small businesses to establish online visibility, increase sales, and improve productivity. Whether you are just starting out and need an affordable package solution or are looking for something more custom, our flexible structure provides you with choice.

In the all-embracing internet world, Size Don't Matter, or it shouldn't.    The size of your business or organization  shouldn’t influence the quality, features and functionality of your website.  In today's competitive business and social environments, small businesses, startups and, non-profit organizations need a "Big Guy" web presence.  If you have realized that you need big-business results on a startup budget, this is where BPM-Ingenuity can help.

It's your website and you should be in total control of its' content all the time.  You should be able to  customize your service package based on your budget and your needs.  The custom and affordable Web Services Packages we offer provide more functionality than the services offered by traditional small business web design companies that only offer templates to business owners looking for a new website.

If total control of your content, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), less dependence on IT suppliers and lower maintenance cost are important to you then, we need to talk.  You don't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to have a great website.   Providing affordable, well-designed and effective  web services is what we love to do.